Thursday, August 16, 2012

he'd love to know why

Five things that I'm excited about today:

1. I'm excited that in 44 short days I will have my own place again. My own place to come home to that looks like me and smells like me and is peaceful for me. [sigh]

2. I'm excited to take a ginormous sleeping pill later this evening and sleep like a champ. [4 days on very.little.sleep. it's not pretty.]

3. I'm excited to see the amazingly talented and fun Ben Rector on Sunday night! 

4. I'm excited that I technically have one more week of the Summer Tour. Seven more days and three more projects - I can do it! 

5. I'm excited about Fall. I know we still have to get through September, but today it's been gloriously cloudy and gloomy and I really want to cuddle up in some comfies with a hot cup of coffee. [can't wait!]

The Kill, Ben Rector

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Ibukun said...

This is a great blog you have here. Your posts are very original and I especially like the one you wrote about your sister. Keep these interesting posts coming. P.s. I'd be excited to have my own space too.