Wednesday, August 15, 2012

why do we try

Five things that I'm thankful for today:

1. I'm very thankful for the amazing dream I had about Matt Wertz last night [wow-ow.]
2. Regarding the slimy, narrow-minded, pretentious asshole who couldn't make enough jokes about how a girl "manages" to make a "profession" out of being a "sorority girl" and sat next to me at the airport today - I'm very thankful he is not my dad, nor anything like mine. [his poor 15 year old daughter. poor, poor girl]

3. I'm very thankful that as I was having a melt-down cryfest while pumping gas into my car at the scary-gary gas station, that not one of the after 10 pm parking lot patrons felt the need to see if I was OK.

4. I'm very thankful that my neighbor's ridiculously obnoxious, yappy dog wasn't making a sound when I came home tonight, and therefore, I didn't have to leave my strongly worded note on their door.

5. When I did come home, and found that someone had dropped a glass container with some sort of cleaner in it all over the building lobby floor and instead of cleaning it up, taped the area off with signs that said "danger, broken glass" , and as I proceeded to slice my sandaled foot on said glass [if only that tape on the wall could actually contain the glass on the ground], I'm very thankful that I won't need stitches.

Everything Will Be Alright, Matt Wertz

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