Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday Things

[posted on a Friday. I know.]

1. I saw a little boy in Home Depot this afternoon. He was wearing a plastic knight's helmet. [hat? helmet?] He carried vaccuum extention pieces as his sword. He made my heart very happy. I could have followed him around that store all day - he didn't growl or yell, he didn't slash his sword in the air or  run to and fro - he just walked tall; his sword in his hand, and a smile underneath his helmet hat. [pretty sure there's a life lesson to be learned here.]  I have high hopes for that little boy becoming a man.

2. I think that girls that dress up (high heels) to go to the ballpark, are stupid.

3. My favorite time of day is whatever time I get the first sip of steamy, black coffee. [will coffee always make the Thursday Things??]

4. My last trip of the summer tour is next week. I plan to sleep for a whole day after that.

5. Men in scrubs are hot.

Told ya.

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