Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Still Choose You

You all know by now that music runs in my veins.


Now, I know those who love music in the same way that I do, but don't enjoy live music. I love live shows [unless they are bad, and then it's just, well. Bad.] As much as I love live music, it's got to be a really good show for me to blog about it. And rarely is it the sort of experience that stirs creativity in me [I'm musical. But I'd never call myself a musician. That takes a slew of talent and creativity that I just don't have.] A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing two incredible live shows within in one weeks time.

There's this local band that a friend of mine introduced me to in April. I'd heard about them from their success in the SXSW world the past couple of years, but never had the opportunity to see them live.
My oh My. 

For starters - they are local [and you know how I feel about all things Texas].
Secondly - they release on vinyl.
Third - this group is so incredibly multi-talented and multi-tasking that the product they produce at a live show is just .... transcendent. As their webpage appropriately describes, it's soaring and serene.

If nothing else - if you don't like their sound, or style, or the venues they play, you should still go see them just for the entertainment. The fascination of how they play their various instruments and how nomadic they all get on stage is worth it every time.

Seryn [Sa-Rin]

Six days later, I was driving to the Historic Texas Theater  [yes, it's the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested.] to see a folky duo that everyone is buzzing about. I tried to go see them earlier in the year, but they sell out super quick, so there was a lot of anticipation going into this show and friends, I was not let down.

Folk makes my heart beat.

The Civil Wars get it. They put on a simple show - not a lot of fluff, unless you count the way that she very sweetly bobs about on the stage, pulling those crazy vocals from every inch of her body. Their harmonies are RI.DIC.U.LOUS. She has such a strong, pure voice and John Paul White's sometimes gruff sound is... well, sexy. It was easy to sit and get lost in the music. They didn't talk much, just let the music do the storytelling, but when they did talk, their chemistry was familiar. At times if felt like sitting in the den watching a family show. [what? You don't have family shows?]

For me, what made it great was the brilliance behind their simplicity coupled with the crazy complexity of their harmonies. THAT is good music. As one of the perfectly Texan attendees so eloquently shouted as they finished Barton Hollow, "Y'all are freakin' good!". So true, my friend, so true. 

And can I just say that Poison and Wine is the most beautifully creepy songs I've ever heard?? 

My. Good. Ness. 

The Civil Wars

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