Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Things

[honestly. All I really want to talk about is The Civil Wars show I saw last night, and the Seryn show I saw last week. Stay tuned - that post will come in due time.]

1. I woke up on a very ugly side of the bed yesterday. Does that ever happen to you? I was just angry and annoyed and insecure It was exhausting.

2. Sometimes, the right pair of heels makes everything better.

3. If not the heels, a venti, non-fat, extra shot latte. Sigh.

4. I completed the first project of the "summer tour" last week [Nacogdoches, TX].

Da ta da da! 
Project two is tomorrow [Arlington, TX]. Project three on Tuesday [Burlington, NC]. I am not complaining, because normally at this point in the summer I'm already lost somewhere in the country and carry the icky stench of airplanes. Maybe I should make a t-shirt for my summer tour? To accompany the summer tour soundtrack? [by the way - I need some song suggestions.]

5. This guy opened for The Civil Wars. My friends did not like him, but I thought he was a doll. And I'm not regretting my swooning one bit, listening to this.

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Freckled Pink said...

Glad you're not completely lost in your summer tour yet, friend. Do you have the new Hillsong album, God is Able? It's would be great, uplifting travel music for you.