Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Things

1. I unnecessarily snap at people often. Even people I really like. I don't know why - maybe I'm just feisty,  maybe it's my red hair, maybe I just lack self-control. I snapped at a friend last night and I've frowned over it no less than 12 times today. Gah.

2. I am unquantifiably stoked about this upcoming 3 day weekend. [the Dunn family 4th of July is my second favorite holiday.] I have two words for you: Shrimp. Boil.

3. I hate [hate.] one word text messages. Even worse, one letter. What a waste!

4. My very favorite parts of the day are taking the first sip of steamy coffee [I always drink it straight black first thing in the morning], and crawling into the sheets at night [sigh.]

5.Once as a kid, I was riding on the back of a friend's banana-seat bicycle [we called it "pumping"; I don't know what the kids are callin it these days]. I was barefoot and my foot got caught and kinda tangled up in the rear wheel spokes [no. I don't know how it happened]. My whole foot was black & blue for a week! Then it turned a nice shade of greenish yellow. It wasn't really that painful - but man, it sure looked gross.

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