Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shoulda called the operator

The text.

Love it or hate it?

Generally, I'm a fan of texting. I don't mind a phone conversation either, but sometimes texting is just easier. And, I particularly like it when you're wanting to send a quick little word of encouragement or love note (don't be confused: I'm not getting any love notes). "Thinking about you today - you're gonna be great!" or "love you, lady." etc etc. You get what I'm saying.
Sometimes, my phone(s) will exert what has become quite an affectionate little ping, alerting me to a text at a time when I least expect it. Like, 9:18 pm, after a long few days of business travel... For example.
Now here's my question: if one were to be thinking about another at a random time of random day, wouldn't that indicate ... Thoughtfulness? Where does that come from? Boredom? Or anxious sincerity? Did you just have to talk to me? Or something else my all-too-female mind just hasn't even considered?

Let's say... it does come from boredom. What causes a person to reach out to another with something so ambiguous as a random Tuesday night "hey" and then... NEVER RESPOND?
Or if, on the rare chance it happens to come from a place of thoughtfulness.. How do you just STOP TALKING??
I'm honestly OK with either scenario - you're bored out of your mind and are thoughtlessly texting people you know are lame enough to respond quickly, only because you feel slightly desperate for the human interaction OR you sincerely thought of me and that thoughtfulness drove you to reach out & connect with me, because you're you and I am me.

But for the love of God - don't do that. Don't just stop being a part of the conversation you started.
Follow. Through.

Easy enough, right? Good. Because I've wasted enough of my time this evening teaching you how to be a man.

(rant over.)


Steve Bezner said...

Sad, but true: This individual probably sent "hey" to more than one individual.

Anonymous said...

maybe this individual didn't get the responce from you they wanted, so they just gave up.

Anonymous said...

maybe this individual didn't get the responce they wanted, so they gave up?