Wednesday, March 23, 2011

never gonna leave this bed

It's no secret that I'm not a good sleeper. I sometimes (sometimes) tend to be a little (a little) high strung, which sorta (sorta) leads me to be slightly (slightly) fretful, and for me - that just means lying awake at night. When I'm stressy, thinky, or angry - I don't sleep well. No surprise there.

Lately, I have not been stressed. I've been abnormally UN-stressed. I have only been a teeny bit thinky, but a teeny bit thinky is normal for me. And I haven't been angry at all (well. not about big things, the kind of big things that would keep me awake at night). But I'm still exhaustified.


Because friends, I am really tired all.the.time. I do sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep, but I get there, and then it feels like 20 minutes later my alarm is (really annoyingly) beeping at me.
At first, I thought: "Maybe I am drinking too much caffeine." So I cut that out. Well. Not really. I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee after noon (except for today, I'm drinking some right now. But I'm TIRED!). And I rarely have a caffeinated beverage after 4pm. No changes. Still tired.
Then I thought: "Maybe I'm just too wound up." So I started being intentional about winding down at night. I'm not always great at having routine, but I've been working on it. I have a killer reading list to get through anyway, so this is a great opportunity to knock that out. I also (shamefully) have a stack of sudoku puzzle books sitting beside my bed that I like to dabble in before turning the lights out. Still tired.
So then I started getting slightly more pragmatic: "maybe I need a new bed." Well. This is just true. I LOVE my bed, but it's old. Like, really really really old. It's seen much better days. It has this lovely little (and by "little" I mean, not little at all) dip in the spot (slightly right of the very middle) that I sleep. And if I didn't have it up on risers, it'd probably only be about a foot off the ground with the box springs (now you're thinking about those years and years of body soil weighing my mattress down, aren't you? EEEWW!). I need a new bed, for sure. But that's just not happening right now.
So THEN, all pragmatism left me and I thought: "maybe I have some sort of chemical deficiency and I'm sleeping just fine, my body just thinks it is really tired all the time." So I changed my diet. I actually eat pretty healthy. As much as I can, I eat almost all natural or organic, grass-fed meats, eggs & raw milk. Organic fruits & veggies. Not a lot of processed sugar. Working in more raw foods into my diet (this is also been in conjunction with my running.). I'm still tired.
And finally, I thought this last week: "maybe I have that weird condition where I don't sleep well when the moon is out." I googled a lot and found out a smidgen of interesting info (ever wonder where the word "lunatic" comes from??), but mostly I found out that is a bogus condition and the moon has nothing to do with how we sleep. So. Tired.

So what's the deal, body?? Why are you tired all the time and why don't you nap when I tell you to?

Any geniuses out there wanna take a stab at why I'm so tired all the time? No? OK. Enjoy this song.

Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Maroon 5

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