Thursday, March 31, 2011

i am in misery

I'm in a season of life where everyone - has something to say about my life. Particularly my single life. Solicited or not, I'm getting all sorts of uh.... encouragement? from friends & family; married or single. Sometimes it is truly helpful and insightful, given in the most sincere and loving way possible. Sometimes it's just hurtful, insulting garbage flowing out of an arrogant mouth.

In light of that annoying truth about my life, you might understand why I really (really) loved this blog post. I have been reading AWGTW for a couple months now, and not only do I laugh out loud regularly, but I now consider Sharideth Smith to be one of those Idon'tknowthempersonallybuti'mprettysurewewouldbefriends friends. She's a smart lady. I do what she tells me to.

So do yourself a favor and read the post. You'll either be encouraged by the fact that there are others equally annoyed as you are & painfully in the same season, or you'll be enlightened and learn to shush when appropriate and stop being insensitive to your perpetually single friends, God bless us.

And then do yourself another favor and follow Sharideth on Twitter. (better yet, go ahead and sign up for Twitter. All the cool kids are doin it.)

This song is AMAZING. (clearly on an M5 kick lately)

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Steve Bezner said...

Dang those people who offer unsolicited advice. :)