Monday, February 14, 2011

love love love

I am single and I still love this non-holiday.

I agree that it is a "made up" holiday, as many of my jaded friends like to call it. Anyone in real love should never need an excuse to dote on their significant other, and no one needs to save up their grand overtures and gestures for spending on this one day. Furthermore, the commercialism of this day -! - is often appreciated by the recipient, but SO unnecessary. I am comfortable calling this hot pink Monday a non-holiday.


I loooove love. I am a sucker for a romantic story, movie, song, etc... My movie collection is about 93% romantic comedies, and 7% really well made films. I like love, so sue me.
And so today, while I technically don't have a "valentine", I dearly love several friends and family, and I am well loved in return. And I bubble over with love for these because I was first loved by the Supreme Lover of Souls.

Why wouldn't I celebrate this lovely day?
It's an excuse for me to love some of the silly things I do, in fact love and get away with it.

Speaking of silly things I love, I've compiled a  list of 14 of some of my very favorite love songs (in my opinion... and in no particular order).

Enjoy. Love. Be loved.

I'd Rather Be With You, Joshua Radin
Something's Come Over MeErnie Halter
If It's The BeachesThe Avett Brothers
Pretty Girl, David Ryan Harris
Until YouDave Barnes
Ain't Gonna Lose You, Brett Dennen
Love, Where Is Your Fire?Brooke Fraser
This Year's LoveDavid Gray
I Want You to Be my LoveOver The Rhine
Hold You In My ArmsRay LaMontagne
One and OnlyTeitur
On a Night Like ThisDave Barnes (yep. He gets two.)
Thinking of YouMolly Jenson
Tell Her ThisDel Amitri

What are some of your favorites??

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Shopgirl said...

I love your attitude! I hope all your days are filled with such positivity and love. :)