Saturday, February 27, 2010


Are the 90s makin a comeback??

It would be the greatest thing on my little earth if a Julia Salinger inspired influx of combat boots, plaid, and over sized button ups would hit the runway. I might not even be opposed to the return of overalls (preferably the Structure or GAP brand pair that one would fine for $3 at Goodwill). I have always loved the messy look of the 90s, not the mention the emphasis of teen angst & drama that permeated that particular decade in our culture. I'd much rather deal with a hundred Rodney King fiasco's and OJ Simpson trials than polygamist cults and airplanes flying into Federal buildings. I'm all for the return of cliche coffee shops full of beatniks rhyming out all that aforementioned angst & thought. Or the trend of garage grunge bands playing on the roofs of local businesses in the community. I would like to see the return of spending your days off flipping through rows and rows and rows of second hand compact discs. You know that sound the cases make, smacking against each other while you endlessly search for the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album in a sea of Salt n Pepa... clack, clack, clack.
People chatted then about this new thing called "The Internet", AIDS, and a particular political scandal instead of the fickle weather or just bad mouthing and complaining about the people we've elected into public offices.
I ask if the 90s are makin a comeback because it seems as though in our pop culture, things are becoming a bit familiar. With the return of 90210 & Melrose Place on prime time TV... and Alice In Chains releasing a new album. Names and faces everyone knew in the 90s are reappearing in the tabloids - Brian Austin Green (then: 90210. Now: Megan Fox), Joshua Jackson (then: Mighty Ducks & Dawson's Creek. now: Fringe), Matthew Fox (then: Party of Five. Now: LOST)... and let's not forget the return of Lilith Fair.

I'm holding my breath - any day now I fully expect the return of a decent TGIF line-up (am I the only one who misses Boy Meets World?) and actual Saturday morning cartoons (Bobby's World, anyone?). One of these days I'm gonna french braid my hair, trade my chap stick for a tube of brown lipstick, tie a cardigan around my waist (don't forget the combat boots and white socks), & just see if I can get away with it.

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