Wednesday, January 25, 2012

oh yes son, I'm talkin to you

You probably know by now that I am an avid blog reader. My favorites tend to fall in the interior design realm, but I do have a handful of favorites that are a bit innocuous, albeit extremely hysterical. One of which being the highly amusing [and also really really really helpful], A Woman's Guide To Women: A Blog for Men.

While I am a faithful reader of the blog, it's not normal for me to comment. Sharideth is quick to respond to comments and there seems to be a strong camaraderie among the comment-ers, but I am generally not one of them.
This week, a post had me literally cheering from my chair, that I had to comment. So I did and therefore, was notified of any other comments posted after mine.

This is where the highly entertaining and irritating story begins.

Now. To be fair, on this particular day, I was feeling extremely feisty and sassy and like men everywhere were the scum of the earth [what? you do it too]. So, I was a little on edge, and any teensy bit of a filter that I normally have, had gone right out the window.

I mighthavemaybereally insulted someone who commented after me. [i know! i am a cyber bully!]

But I immediately felt really badly and started thinking about how I couldn't live with myself if this guy ended up on the news for erratically blowing up a building because someone had cyber bullied him. So I followed up my insult with a public apology [after all, i don't even know this person.] and an explanation on where I was coming from. I suppose the mistake I made was that I assumed my input was valuable because I'm female. [monster mistake]

Ok. But here's the deal: this guy was RI.DIC.U.LOUS. Let me explain:

1. He had the balls to give an argument on each of the 4 points that had been made in the original post. That's annoying for sure, but kind of understandable - it's going to happen when you put yourself out there on the interwebs. But let's talk about the fact that the content of the post was all about being a KICK ASS MAN, and this guy takes each of the 4 points and explains why he's still a winner even though he disagrees with each point. hello. you are the reason this blog exists. and you've missed the point entirely.

2. I couldn't help myself. Before I looked at his profile [omg] I asked a very simple question in response to his comment: you're single, aren't you?
I mean, it was so blatantly obvious [remember the part about the blog being for men like you? yeah. don't argue]. I was trying to point out [not that it's my job to do so, but like i said, it was not my best day] that the very things he was arguing about are the things that make men everything less than super sexy.

3. Like I said, I immediately felt really bad, so I quickly followed up with an apology and explanation. BUT [dun dun dun!] before I did - I took a peek at his picture and profile. Ladies - this is everything that is wrong with internet dating.
Kinky feminist man, and general gender liberation activist. Also interested in sex-positive issues 
[wth is a general gender liberation activist???] That is his profile tagline!!! [as soon as I saw that, i felt immediately justified. immediately.] Let's also mention what was on his t-shirt in this o-so-perfect profile picture. Are you ready for this??


4. OK, so of course - cheese man responds with a retort that would have been offensive to me [yes, it did include: "Everything you’ve just said simply makes you sound like a woman I wouldn’t want to date"] if it were coming from a more reasonable source. [i wish so badly that I could show you guys his picture, cuz it would just seal the deal... but I'm honestly not that mean]

The whole thing has me so amused, I don't even know what to do with myself. Truth is, this guy has made me appreciate the guys I hang around - I complain about them a lot, certainly more than they deserve. If this guy is what men out there are contending with - man, ya'll have an easy road ahead of you.

Go get 'em.

NEWS BREAK: after writing this post, I checked out this guy's blog. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?? He blogged about me! [yes, his blog IS called "A Femanist View" and yes, the tagline IS "A blog about kink, dating, music, politics, science fiction, gender and more"] He accuses me of assuming he'd be interested in me and defines me as someone with a "kinkphobic attitude" [what is that?]. I'd like to also state for the record, that in this one blog post, such super sexy, kick ass man topics are included such as: Shelia Davis' rules of good lyric writing, Fame Academy & X Factor auditions, his fictitious work "Cyborg Sleeps", and, BDSM [of course!]. 

No Scrubs, TLC