Thursday, January 26, 2012

i never liked this apple much

[this edition of Thursday Things is brought to you by irritation and Malbec]

1. I am desperate for vacation. I'm not talking takin a Monday off and sleeping in. I'm talking escape. Today it hit me - I gotta get out of here. I hate it when that happens - means I've waited far too long and now its too late. I feel compelled to disappear for a few days - turn off my phone, turn off the computer and go somewhere no one else knows. [yes, I know that would be stupid and dangerous. don't yell at me please]

you wanna go?

2. I miss winter. badly. [ha! yes. yes, I just said that I wanted to go to the beach.]

3. I think that boys have a radar that tells them when the most inopportune time to reach out to a girl is. I believe a man innately knows when a girl is right on the cusp of being completely over it and then BAM. Sweet, consistent, flirtations. Gosh.

4. You know what I hate? One word, or one letter text messages. [have I told you about this before?] I hate them. "K" is not an acceptable text message.

5. You know what else I hate? The question "what's on your mind?". I hate that question. How does one even answer that question? It seems like no matter how I answer, it's going to be disappointing. Truth is, there is always [always] a million things on my mind, but you probably didn't ask me that question so you could hear about how I should rearrange my closet [ROYGBIV, of course], or that I am wishing my phone would ping with a text message from someone who is not in present company, or that the picture on the wall behind you needs to be straightened. It's such an awful question.

6. My favorite JM these days, City Love.

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