Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Things

I have moved from being just whelmed to officially being overwhelmed. Who told me it was a good idea to take on another person's job? [Oh wait, I did that.]

My church has been going through Abraham's story in Genesis. My weekly community group has been tearing it to applicable shreds. It's wrecking me.

I like my iPhone and I'm very grateful for iTunes, but does it make me a terrible person if I think that Steve Jobs was just a man?

When I moved into my new apartment two weeks ago, I brought with me a brand new bed, with brand new Pottery Barn bedding. It is my new very favorite place on earth.

In light of this week's earlier blog post, I've been giving Pandora another try. Yesterday, it was an [Santana does not belong with the All American Rejects.] Today, thumbs up all around! [literally, every song has gotten a thumbs up.]

I have really really really awesome plans on November 19th. What are you doing? You can come with me! [don't want to come? You can still help make it a wonderful day... go here.]

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