Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Things

[I'm starting a new series called Thursday Things. Each Thursday, I will tell you things about myself you probably don't already know. 'Cuz I'm self-absorbed like that.]

Today is my sister Molly's 11th birthday. There are 16 years between us, but everyone says that Molly could be my twin.

she is much sweeter than I ever was

I love tomato juice. But only on airplanes. 

I am daydreaming about my new digs and redecorating my bedroom. 

what do you think about a shutter headboard like this?

This is my 8th straight day of working. You would not believe how badly I need a weekend. 

You know those songs that make you dance a little regardless of when or where you hear it? This is one of mine.

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