Monday, June 6, 2011

she's on fire

Monday Musings.

I woke up in an exceptionally great mood this morning. Feeling crazy confident and ready to face the world. Might have been the perfect coffee that was ready for me first thing, or the good night's sleep - who knows. Maybe it was the fact that sometimes a dress just makes a girl feel on fire.

I started packing up my house this weekend. I am a serious packer. I have my way of doing it, and it is the My problem is that I technically have 10-12 days to pack up my house and get myself out of it. [insert panic here]. I don't have time to pack the way I want to. [in case you were wondering, yes, I do feel like Monica sometimes].

I will not Internet date. Stop telling me that I need to do that. Seriously.

I am having some serious summer blues. Of my "inner circle", seven out of 10 are stay at home moms or teachers and they are glorying in the summer months of sleeping in, lazying in the sun, and going to late night movies, while I am trying to figure out what city I'm flying to next and whether it's Wednesday or Thursday. So. Jealous. All I can think about is laying by the pool.
Let's Go Here.

I did some apartment hunting with TJ this weekend. We found a couple really great places, and I have been daydreaming about getting to play house in a whole new space [while I'm not daydreaming about the pool, of course. but some of them had really.awesome pools.]. These are super great, kinda trendy, uptown, urban apartments. Can I really be THAT girl? An urban girl? Where are my cowgirl boots?

She's On Fire, Train 

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