Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Made of different stuff than when I began

This room smells like the best laundry in the world. Like the kind of laundry smell, when you walk in your bedroom after being at summer camp, and all you want to do is sleep, and your mom has put clean sheets on your bed. The kind of laundry smell that punches you when you walk from the stinky garage into the laundry room and the dryer is whirling. It's the small things that are making me blissfully happy these days.

I have a lot that I'm thankful for. I am thankful that I am not as distracted this week, and feeling slightly less worthless than last week. I am thankful that this project did not have NEAR the hiccups I was anticipating. I am thankful that the storm that rolled through this afternoon, cooled off the air and is not sticking around to keep me here in the morning. I am thankful that this project was extremely short, seeing as how I am desperate to be at home right now. I am thankful for the desperation leading me to a place of dependence that I most certainly need. I am thankful for the times of stillness I've had to reflect and pray and think and just be quiet for a change. Again - all of this is extremely timely for me.

Ruin me, take me, waste me on you.

So this is a little town, surrounded by several other little towns, and I can't figure out where they start or end or if they are really just one big metropolis. It's not as captivating to me as South Carolina, but the change of scenery is nice. I'm a little bummed - coming away not totally thrilled with the end result of this project, but mostly just glad that it's over!
What I walked in to:

What I walked out of:

Twice today, I forgot where I was, what town I was in. That's a pretty good indicator that it's time for me to go home - just one more project and the tour will be over. Bittersweet, bittersweet.

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