Monday, April 27, 2009

but his game is kinda weak

Well over a year ago, my good friends and I began having a conversation about the need for some of the great, intentional guys that we know to conduct "Man School" for some of the guys we knew that were... a little lost in that area. It's been a while, but if I remember correctly, the conversation started out of pure frustration - it's taken many hysterical and serious turns over the last year as we have compiled a list of courses to be offered and topics to be discussed at the aforementioned Man School (particularly hysterical: recalling the conversation of whether or not we females could scholarship certain guys to attend Man School.) The more life that I experience, and the more that I talk with people, male and female alike, the more I REALLY think someone somewhere needs to get on this.

Man School Topics (in no particular order of importance):
1. Get over yourself, you’re not “all that.”
2. Why you shouldn’t straighten your hair.
3. She cooks, you clean.
4. She cooks, you say “Thank you”
5. She does anything nice, you say “Thank you”
6. She’s always right, and you say “Thank you”
7. Learning how to dance is a good thing.
8. Why going to Cowboys and spending all night staring at the table dancers is not cool.
9. Hazmat suits and your restroom…two things that shouldn’t be included in the same sentence.
10. Fire building 101, 201, and 301
11. Basic First Aid
12. Eating in mixed company, indoors, without a shirt is not manly.
13. Knots and rope.
14. How to trade the Blackberry for a MultiTool
15. Changing a tire doesn’t require a cell phone.
16. How to rescue a canoe.
17. How to choose the proper fishing shirt.
18. Harrison Ford, Part 1-4
19. What to do when, not if, but when, you say or do something dumb.
20. Knowing when to quit. Because sometimes winning is really losing.
21. Planes, trucks, and boats…they’re not just for the movies.
22. Maps…why you don’t need a $500 GPS to figure out how to get to Kroger.
23. Cooking – Indoors
24. Cooking – Outdoors
25. Chuck Norris never was and never will be a good role model.
26. When your girl gets her hair done, it ALWAYS looks good.
27. Battlestar Gallactica isn't cool.
28. Girlfriends > doormats.
29. Gentlemanly conduct starts with opening the door.
30. Proper phone/text etiquette: when you receive a message, you should always call/text back within an appropriate amount of time and it should NEVER be a one word/one letter response.

I would love to hear any additions to the list if you have them. :)

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