Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you ever wonder what happens to the words that we send?

So enough crazy things have been said to me this week - I have to blog about it.
It's Friday, and in the last week some interesting things haven happened to me in the realm of words, and it's spanned a wide spectrum. From creepy crazy, to hysterical.

Friday: I walk in from work to find my Dad enjoying a frosty adult beverage after a long work week in his recliner, and FBK holding a very tiny, yet very fun & fancy little glass filled with what I suspected was iced tea. I assumed she got a little jealous of Dad's fun refreshment, and this was Mom's way of improvising. Just then Nana, my precious & slightly crazy grandmother visiting from out of town, comes down the stairs and in sheer shock and amazement gawks at Keara and demands, "Are YOU drinking BEER?!!?!?!" With out missing a beat, Keara looks up and says "Nope. Whiskey."
She's three.

Sunday: Text from unknown number: "Hi!" I had to replace my phone twice over the summer & lost a lot of numbers in the process, so this is not unusual. I respond, "I'm really sorry to have to ask, but who is this?"
Response: "It's Mike." Mike?? I really only know one Mike (after having ruled out immediately that it in NO way would have been my Michael.), and he would never text me like that. "Mike who?"
Response: "Honestly, I just randomly typed in your number. What's your name?"
REALLY?! This is not a chat room, folks.

Monday: I start my morning as I do most mornings, and walk into Starbucks for my adored coffee. The only difference this morning is that I was feeling the VERY terrible and familiar onset of the flu. The dress I was wearing was picked out of sheer comfort and nothing else, and I'd hardly put on any makeup - due to the fact that I had already used about 10 Kleenex in the hour I'd been out of bed. On top of that, my difficult breathing had me up EARLY - at least an hour before the normal time. In the wee hours of morning darkness, I walk into my Starbucks to greet my two favorite barista's - both male - and due to the early hour, I was the only one there. Let me tell you - these guys are always good for a girl's ego. Simultaneously, they both oooo'd and ah'd and one chirped, "You're looking beautiful today." Is this a joke? My hair is twice the size it normally is, due to the fact I decided to forgo the flat iron, and I - no doubt - LOOK like I have a cold. I got my coffee for free.

Tuesday: I am getting ready to leave work when my Treo beeps with a text message. Not many people text me on that phone, so I was a little confused at the unknown number. I open it up and read, "You hungry Mi$$ Chocolate?" WHAT?
"Who is this?" I tried to sound snappy & demanding in my text.
"I typed the wrong number, Mi$$ Chocolate." My boss' savvy skills lead her to search the number online, and it came up as a number at the T&P Station Downtown. I immediately imagined a homeless man looking for his "chocolate" lady friend. It didn't occur to me until later that said homeless man probably wouldn't have a cell phone on which to text.

Wednesday: I say to myself, "I think I'm in love with a Vampire." Who would have ever thought.

Friday: Again, starting my morning at Starbucks this Reformation Day, my barista is making my delightful latte and sends me off with the following: "Have a great day, and watch out for the goblins." I smile and decide to practice being quiet and refrain from scphilling that I'm not really celebrating Halloween, but Reformation Day instead. Just before I walk out the door, my coffee-making friend calls through the crowded store, "Oh! And Erin, watch out for the boys too - they're just as bad." I couldn't help but laugh at the faces who immediately came to mind at the comparison. Goblins=Boys. I like it.

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