Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Road Journal - Day 2

Can I JUST say...

Pittsburgh is CREEPY. Everything is old. And I just feel creepy staying in a place where you have to step up, out of the elevator. Especially in a neighborhood named "Oakland".

I mean, OK - I was really hoping for a real-life "that thing you do" experience. And some of the old stuff is cool. My hotel is cool...old, but cool. The door is huge and heavy with an old school peep hole. All of the buildings are old and no one drives anywhere; everyone walks everywhere. It kinda works though, because everything is really close together and congested.... kinda like my head. Pray that my cold goes away QUICK! Don't worry; I've stocked up on the green tea - supposedly it really helps. So anyway, its kinda OK that everyone walks everywhere because there aren't parking lots or anything, so I don't know where you'd put your car if you drove it somewhere.

Things I've learned today:

1. Pennsylvanians don't really care much about Puxatawny.

2. I HATE PT Cruisers.

3. I heart CVS.

Pictures from the road:

Bridge coming into downtown Pittsburgh...there are A LOT of bridges around here.
YES, that is snow in the yard. Meadville, PA is quite possibly right out of Gilmore Girls. Reminds me of FTW's Ridglea neighborhood...with cobblestone roads. Everywhere is cobblestone (heels? HECK NO).
There is a Panera on the first floor of my hotel. SWEET!
Apparently you can turn on seasons here.
I want to run home and hug FBK.

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Tori said...

Ooooh, bring me back a switch to turn Summer on!