Tuesday, August 7, 2007

and we will sing out as we go on

If you have about three minutes, stop and read this article. It is what the following blog will be about. And its riveting.


A friend sent this article to me and a few of the things that Piper said made my head spin. In attempts to try and work it out (Phil. 2:12) I'm gonna try and process them here. Thoughts, comments, objections.... all are welcome.

"It only makes sense from a view of reality that is radically oriented on God." The life that responds to tragedy soberly, realistically, and grateful for mercy is a life that is radically oriented on God. Am I? My response to tragedy- be it personal or global- is always a lot of things, but rarely is it grateful, and even more rare that it be realistic. Does that mean that my life is not radically oriented on God? I hope not. Certainly areas aren't...there are always areas where devotion to God's standards is lacking. So because there are areas does that mean that its all a waste? Is it counter-productive to have certain areas radically devoted to Christ when other areas are not? Again, I find myself asking the gut wrenching question of: Am I wasting my life?

"All of us have sinned against God, not just against man. This is an outrage ten thousand times worse than the collapse of the 35W bridge. That any human is breathing at this minute on this planet is sheer mercy from God. God makes the sun rise and the rain fall on those who do not treasure him above all else. He causes the heart to beat and the lungs to work for millions of people who deserve his wrath." Whoa. Just after I turned my alarm off this morning, I lay there praying that God would help me to have grateful and quiet heart. But even in that prayer, I wasn't praying for a grateful heart for my very life, but for my job. A job that is a privilege for me to have in the first place. I want to be endlessly thrilled with what I've been given. From my family and friends, to my house and my job, and my sense of humor, all the way to my very breath. I am shackled to the attitude of "I deserve this." when really, all I have, and all I am, is a divine gift. Convicting.

"God doesn’t build bridges, he divides seas" Even though God is big enough, and certainly capable enough to provide the easiest means of transporting me from one season and phase to the next, He doesn't seem to operate that way, does He? So often I have felt a great relief in knowing that my God is the same God today that split the Red Sea and allowed the Israelites to escape from Pharaoh. He's pretty big. :)

"We go through the river. Not over it. He went before us, crucified. He came out on the other side. He knows the way through. With him we will make it." Phewf.

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