Friday, July 13, 2007

thats some funky lemonade you got goin there babe

I have always been a winter girl. But this year I was aching for summer, and while I love LOVE the rain, I could use some non-sweltering, sunshiny days. There's just something about the summer in Texas that is tantalizing. In attempts to heal my terribly grumpy attitude I've decided to celebrate the wonderfulness of what I love about summer.

Fourteen Friday Favorites

14. Sushi outside at Central Market with G.R.O., wine, and wonderful friends
13. Ray LaMontange
12. Sun kissed skin
11. Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (it smells SOOOOOO good!)
10. Cotton sundresses
9. Kristen Horton
8. Triple Grande Breve Lattes
7. The way freshly shaven (sun kissed, mind you) legs feel on wonderfully cotton IKEA sheets.
6. Pedicures
5. Limeade
4. Fat Baby Keara slimy from sunscreen
3. A great big Texas Thunderstorm in the middle of the day
2. Downtown Fort Worth at night
1. The Mike's Short Stop gas station guys playing baseball in between the pumps at night.

I hope y'all are loving Texas as much as I am today.

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