Thursday, June 14, 2007

you frus-ter-ate me

I have always had a very odd connection (obsession, really) with John Mayer, but its never been about good looks, or swooning. Its always, ALWAYS been about a very weird connection over words. John has always articulated the things I never had the wits, or smarts to. I'm obsessive, yes. But I know that he and I could be the best of friends. :)

So John was on Leno on Monday night. And for the first time one word came to mind: SMOLDERING.

My goodness. He rocked it out to Vultures in a green tee and jeans, coupled with crazy, Marty McFly-like chucks. It was absolutely adorable. Maybe its just that his hair has been so terribly repulsive for so long, and now with the new do, he's just stunning to me. It was this "I just woke up from the best nap and I don't give a crap what my hair looks like, I just wanna play my guitar" thing. Gosh it was good.


KristenRea said...

Gosh, I hope you love me that much when I cut all my hair off tomorrow morning! Wanna come hold my hand when I do it? ;-) Did I mention I'm taking in an old picture of Paris Hilton to show her as an example of what I hope to achieve with the new do? Yikes!

Tori said...


To see that haircut in person. And also, I identify as well (as you know). It's so annoying when you say "I love John Mayer", and people say "You think he's hot??" and I say, "No, I love him. His music. Duh." I mean, obviously.