Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I have been thinking, which I shouldn't do

I have several friends who are constantly pestering me to write (mostly in the form of a blog and rarely anything else). They are persistant souls whose opinions of my thoughts mean a great deal to me. These knat-like friends have mentioned on more than one occassion that I should write a book- filled with what, I'm not sure. My life is FAR from ordinary, but I tread in deep, deep waters of arrogance to think that my thoughts, experiences, and opinions (TE&O's) are worthy of being shared with anyone other than tattered pages of dusty journals- fit only for the shelves of my own personal library (two shelves). The super fantastic Tyler Hilton says, "My thoughts belong in a book in a store where they're quietly read but spoken no more." At most- my TE&O's are that; okay to be shared with a quirky mind who just might be able to relate and then they should not be shared anymore. I do enough blabbing on my own- I don't need my words on publish pages to be heard.


In classic Erinness, I will relate this to music (because things are always better that way). The artists I connect with on a deep (almost psychotic), emotional level are the ones who's shared words really put them out there- opening doors for the most vunerable intimacy- leaving them to be scoffed at or adored. These are the ones who don't have my favorite songs on label-released albums. The Halfway Homes and Hummingbirds. The Tracings and Unfolds. I am always resentful of them for not openly and boldly sharing those songs- don't they know that I love those songs?? Don't they see that I can relate to those words??

No. They don't know.
But I do.

I know why the Suckers and After an Afternoons haven't made bright, public appearances. Perhaps the artists don't feel they are worthy of being shared or even spoken. Perhaps they are far too intimate TE&Os to be shared. But I am glad they did, even in the small form of unpopular, live recordings. Those very TE&Os have wooed me.

So I share.

In hopes that as insignificant as these words may be to most- they will resonate in someone'score like they've been resonating in mine.

Lets get intimate.

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KristenRea said...

Could you please change the name of your blog to "Let's Get Intimate" cause that would be fabulous! :-) I love you, sweet girl!