Monday, August 13, 2012

words can be daffodils

[i'm stealing this idea from a friend of mine in an effort to be less of a whiny and self focused kind of lady and way more of a butterflies and puppy dogs kind of lady. everybody likes those kinds of ladies.]

Five things I'm really grateful for/happy about/enjoying today:

1. Flagstaff, Arizona. I'm working here through Wednesday and it's a lovely 79 degrees and I watched an amazing thunder storm this afternoon.[ya'll know that this lady loves the rain]

2. A text message from someone who makes me happy and I hadn't heard from in several days. It was not profound or outstanding or any kind of grand overture. Just someone who makes me happy - it doesn't take much.

3. I'm happy about the fact that I got 3 hours of sleep and I haven't had an epic melt down [today. yet.]

4. Change. I'm not always enthusiastic about change, but I'm confident in change right now.

5. I'm really grateful that it wasn't me on the seriously awful, awkward date I witnessed last night. Eew and omg.

Little Lies, Dave Barnes

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