Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Note to my Neighbors

Dear Neighbor Men Who Really Enjoy Playing Frisbee,

Hello. Do you live here? I only ask because I have never ever seen you in the normal light of day, but only when you're out in front of the building at all hours of the night... playing Frisbee.

What you're doing there - playing Frisbee - that looks like a lot of fun. But you see, it's midnight. On a Wednesday. And I am a grown up. Grown ups have jobs they have to go to. And I happen to have a job that requires me to be awake at 5 am. And while I understand that your dog needs to go outside, and no reasonable person would play Frisbee in the 90 degree heat of the day... you have gottostopit.

Because every single time that you miss catching that Frisbee, it makes this interesting pop-and-skid noise that only plastic on cement can make. And it results in a sonic-like echo off of the building. Which, as you probably know what with being residents here and all, is 90% concrete so everything.echoes. You can imagine that a light sleeper like myself that hears my roommate whistle, and cheer, and giggle, and walk, and sigh every evening doesn't appreciate the very rhythmic noise of you being bad at Frisbee. I may be 8 stories up... but that noise has a uniqueness to it that is unmistakable and oddly loud.

So please - if you insist on continuing to partake in the sport - save yourself from another one of these sleep-deprived, basket-case outbursts from me and just learn to catch the freakin thing.


A Very Annoyed Neighbor.

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Freckled Pink said...

Crazy loon. You should put a broken frisbee on his porch as a sign of things to come if he doesn't stop! Also - get yourself some white noise, friend! It makes for some good sleeps!