Friday, May 25, 2012

don't be scared to like it

[in light of my recent birthday I've been pondering lessons I have learned. since this blog is purely narcissistic, of course I will share them with you.]

Life Lessons of  a Twenty-Something Female

1. It's not always okay to voice your opinion. But you should find people who let you voice your opinion and love you still. Hang out with those people. 

2. Stay up late on a weeknight with someone [or someone(s)] who makes you feel particularly alive.

3. Do a lot of things for other people. 

4. High heels will make your feet hurt. They will also often make you feel like the sexiest girl alive. You'll have to choose which is more important to you - choosing comfort over sex factor is OK.

5. Try not to care about what people whom you don't care much about think about you. Care about the things that people you DO care about think about you. If the things that they think about you are callous and cavalier and careless, you probably shouldn't care so much for those people. 

6. Laugh. A lot.

7. The world will tell you to go with your gut. Tread lightly - your gut is not reliable. 

8. Explore things that you might be interested in. Invest in things that you know you are interested in. Don't make frivolous investments, but allow yourself to explore.

9. Take personal and professional risks. They might discourage you and make you doubt yourself, but they might also challenge you in a way that energizes you. Every single risk is worth it. 

10. If a man hits on you and he has a cell phone clipped to his belt... say no. 

11. French Press Coffee. It's one of life's gifts. 

12. Know what you like and own it. Don't spend time trying to like things that you just don't because someone else does or because it's the cool thing to do. When no one else is loving John Mayer - know that you do and stick to it. Sticktoitiveness is a rare and valuable quality. 

13. Men absolutely have some kind of radar. They just know - and they will figure out a way to blow your theories & assumptions out of the water. The radar allows them to come out of the woodwork when you least expect it. Be careful what you say out loud - the radar picks up on it. 

14. Own up to your regrets. There is nothing wrong with having regrets as long as you know that is what they are. 

15. Red wine is good. Drink a lot of it. [but not all at once]

16. Make hard decisions. If nothing else, the confidence that you find in your ability to make the hard decision will carry you a very long way. 

17. When you're having a bad day, watch a dancing movie. Dancing movies make everything better [and drink some red wine while you're at it]

18. Sunday afternoons are meant for laying in bed. Sleep, snuggle, read, watch a movie.. just do it while curled up in bed.

19. Don't hold yourself to anyone else's time table. They don't live your life - only you do that. 

20. Grant yourself the opportunity to make mistakes. They are the very best lessons.

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