Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Canoodling New Year

A few nights ago, some of my closest friends and I had a ridiculous conversation [yes. i started it.] You can only have these conversations with closest kinds of friends because they already love you and can't get away even if they want to. Maybe it was the delirium that accompanies holiday breaks. Maybe it is just that we're girls. Regardless, we had the conversation.

Top 5 Celebrities you would canoodle with: Go. 

[yes. that's how a lot of our conversations transpire. a topic followed by a command to "go". it's not always successful communication. imagine that.]

For some reason I had no problem coming up with my Top 5. [that was after, of course, we actually defined what we meant by "canoodle".] My friends on the other hand, I don't think even finished their lists - as if they'd never even thought about it. [as if.]

Since I'm feeling particularly gratuitous today, I thought that I'd share my list with you. Everyone likes pretty faces.
Noah Calhoun Ryan Gosling
That darn Nicholas Sparks ruined this guy for women everywhere. And then some genius in Hollywood made him a womanizing jerk with an Old Fashioned in his hand and I was sunk. [i have a thing for jerks.] But really, he's nice to look at.

Jimmy Fallon
I have no reasonable explanation for this one. He's funny. I like funny. 

Channing Tatum
Ok. Ok. Ok. He's not the best actor and Nicholas Sparks has his claws in this guy too, but gosh - he's got those great lips. And he looks a lot like someone I used to know. 

Tim Riggins Taylor Kitsch
As one of my new favorite bloggers so wonderfully said this week: "I'm really into this theme of getting Tim Riggins on the big screen. Kudos, America." Come on, along with every other female in the free world, I just like this guy. I like football-playing-looking guys. And he has those great lips, too. He is Canadian though, and that most likely would never work for this Texas girl. [good thing we're just talking pretty faces and not real life, right? right.]

And at the #1 celebrity that I would canoodle with is....

Chris Pine
What a dreamboat. [oi! those lips.]

I rattled off these names rather quickly and it wasn't until after I looked up all these pictures that I've learned a few things about myself:

1. Apparently I like a guy with scruff.
2. I also apparently like a guy with out of control eyebrows.
3. I also seem to like a guy with one squinty eye. [it is kind of cute]
4. I have thought entirely too much about unrealistic things.

Alas, a girl can dream. 


Freckled Pink said...

Oooh, good choices! Also, that game sounds fun. "Name (whatever)...go!" Imma need to play that one sometime.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

LOL. Love your blog both for its funny content and vibrancy!! :)

I'd luv it if you visit my blog sometime. just a few clicks away.Hope you like it :)

Luv & Light to you :)!!