Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm takin my chance on the wind, I'm packin up all my bags

So a big part of my job requires traveling to several Universities all over the country. The spring and summer is the busiest time of year for me, since all the work we do on the houses we do while the students are moved out. This is my second full summer of this, and last year I felt like I was just getting my feet wet - I feel like I "know the ropes" MUCH better this time around.
Last summer, I tried to keep a road journal. I realize that the nature of my job allows me to see things and go places that I otherwise wouldn't ever do, and I want to keep track of it. Also, I see some pretty ridiculous things on these trips, and sharing them with you makes me miss you less while I'm away. :) (Anyone remember my PT Cruiser from last year's trip to PA???)
I did a terrible job of keeping up with it, though. This summer, I am determined. This is just the beginning, and I promise to be better about it. Not because you care to read what I have to say, but just because.
I will usually be back in town over the weekends, so don't be a stranger and come see me. Because, no doubt, I will have missed you.

June 12-13 - Atlanta/Carrollton, Georgia
July 13-14 - Clemson, South Carolina
July 15-17 - Iowa City, Iowa
July 21-22 - Memphis, Tennessee
July 23-25 - Starkville/Jackson, Mississippi
August 3-6 - Carrollton, Georgia
August 10-12 - Elon, North Carolina
August 17-20 - Pittsburgh, PA
August 21-22 - Carrollton, Georgia

Freedom came my way that night
just like a jet plane in and out of sight
I was hauling ass at a million miles an hour
wondering how hard I'd hit
When they came into the station
they said I was bad beyond repair
But I got no qualms with my situation
say here I am
So say cheri cheri won't you dare to
say cheri cheri won't you dare to
leave a message and your number please
Tie them up all my old fantasies
Put them in a big red bow and send them care of me
I'm taking a chance on the wind
I'm packing all my bags
Taking a mistake I gotta make
then I'm glory bound
So I packed it up and I went to the winds
and I lived out of a VW bus for a year or two
Ain't nothing but a pipe dream and my guitar
livin off of apple fields and old cigars
Diggin this microphone checking it out every night all alone
the car battery is dead again so I got my head dead set against it
So say cheri cheri won't you dare to
say cheri cheri won't you dare to
leave a message and your number please
Take the time to want to satisfy me
Take all those fantasies and send them care of me

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