Monday, April 6, 2009

Where the noise, it never stops

Ok. So this city is tolerable.
But it's also kind of gross. Maybe I just see the gross parts of it. I mean, yes, its super cool to be in an 80 something year old building, and even in a very small insignificant way, getting to be a part of it's revitalization. But it feels so... gray.
And let's not skip over the fact that it is absolutely, undoubtedly SNOWING right now. I love the snow, and I love the cold, but I just was not expecting this. I will be really really sad if it makes my flight delayed in the morning (the very, outrageously early morning).
On the flip side - there is some incredible architecture here. Lots and lots of gothic renderings of the "gateway to the west".
Not to mention that only about an hour from where I am is what some consider the "best all-time work of American Architecture", Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.
Ok, so that is actually cool.

I have been going for 15 hours straight at this point - not too bad, but considering I have to be awake and ready for another 15 or more hours tomorrow in a very very short, 8 hours, I am bemoaning the fact that I never sleep well the first night in a hotel.

This is the first of many, from the road journal this year. Just the beginning.

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Tori said...

It does look gray. Icky. Glad you're back in Texas where you belong...for the time being.